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1999年  Shangair was founded

2000年  First set of Shangairr compressor came out

2008年  Became the designated supplier of nuclear power station medium and high pressure air compressors in Asia for Alstom France

2010年  New heights- Self-developed opposed- balanced oil-free air compressor for PET bottle blowing

2011年  Successful application of "Jiaolong" manned submersible in the deep-sea 5000m test

2013年  Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Station Spare Diesel Unit Supporting Air Compressor Successfully Delivered

2017年  Shangair launched the first M-type opposed-balanced oil-free air compressor for bottle blowing

2017年  Presided over the establishment of the mechanical industry standard of "reciprocating piston air compressor for bottle blowing"

Today, we are still working hard!


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