41WZ Series Air Compressors (Single-Engine Set)



  • Product introduction
  • 41WZ Series :

    Discharge capacity: 3.00m3/min

    Suction Pressure: 0.8Mpa

    Discharge pressure: 5.0Mpa

    Installed power: 25HP(18.5KW)

    Model No

    Air Discharge


    Suction Pressure


    Discharge Pressure


    Motor Power




    Size (mm)









    Especially suitable for PET bottle blowing, leak detection and other industries

    ● Shangair series of medium-pressure air compressors have excellent performance, smooth operation, high efficiency, energy saving,and long service life.

    ● C The core "air valve component" of the air compressor adopts the "polygonal cylindrical straight flow valve" independently developed and designed. The air flow flows tangentially along the plane of the valve plate, and the valve plate is distributed in a three-dimensional space.Low resistance, high efficiency, low noise and long life.

    ● The new technology adopted by Shangair Medium and High Pressure Air Compressor has been tested in various occasions for a long time: higher efficiency, higher reliability (24-hour uninterrupted safe operation), longer life, lower noise and less vibration, lower exhaust temperature, lower oil consumption, is a series of products specially designed for medium and high pressure operations (such as: hydropower, PET bottle blowing, leak detection, military and other fields.). Its main performance indicators have reached or exceeded national standards or international standards.

    ● Shangair Middle-High Pressure Air Compressor, known for its excellent technology and excellent performance.