Professional and perfect customer service system


Tecchnology service:

lt's a pleasure for our coompany to help our customers,no problem to solve all the equipment and technology relevant problem within 24 hours,o matter you under which stage;before,after or duing your buying,all the comsultation and services are free lf charge.After trial operation is sucessful,our aftersales engineers will also be responsible for giving regular training to your opera-tors.During our guarantee dag,if your equipment have some breakdown problem,our head office in.


Intelligent collaborative service of the Internet of things:

Providing customer equipments with 360°services throughout the life time; Realizing the loT,intelligent analysis,dynamic maintenance and equipment coordination;providing intelligent manufacturing services to help customers achieve high efficiency.


Nanjing Shangair focus on the supply of high quality reciprocating air compressors,compressed air cleaning systemas well as professional and in time services relating thereto.